Conversational solution for pool professionals

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A virtual seller to better engage and convert your audiences

Time saving

A reduction in processing time that refocuses your teams on the objectives.

Grow your sales

A guide for prospects and customers in a personalized buying process.

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An expert chatbot in the swimming pool business for a unique customer experience.

Increase the performance of your customer service

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an innovative technology solution, able to simulate a conversation with your consumers while guiding them to the solution that meets their needs.

Poolcare - Chatbot expert piscine

A chatbot, what for?

Our chatbot assists you in reaching your marketing and commercial objectives

Acquisition & retention

Leads and customer relationship

A reinforcement of the relationship of trust with the customers, thanks to a personalized communication


Virtual seller

Sales that meet the expectations and technical specifications of your customers

Omnichannel Trade

Enrich the customer experience

Interact with your customers in real time, through your digital distribution channels.

Automate low added value tasks

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